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Playgirl Magazine Back Issue - September 1997

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Playgirl   Playgirl


Playgirl Front Cover

Playgirl September 1997 magazine back issue Playgirl magizine back copy elvis presley, playgirl, nude men, women entertainment,collectors, vintage, back issue

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Playgirl September 1997 Magazine

UPC: 07099235770309
ISSN: 0273-6918
Volume 25 Issue # 4


24 Arabian Knight: Zen Gesner
Romancing the sword with television's new Sinbad By Joan Tarshis
32 Love Him Tender
Our sexy tribute to the King, including the ultimate Elvis Presley sighting!
56 Is The Orgasm Pill a Big Fake?
Are the hopes of good things to come too good to be true? By Gabrielle L. Gabrielle
76 He's Got The Look!
Learn the art of face reading and uncover more about him than he ever wanted you to know by Gabrielle L. Gabrielle
10 Readers' Discovery: Lumber Jack
Jack Barron knows how to ply wood
40 PLAYGIRL Photo Feature: Summer Beach Bash
Surf's up and bathing suits are down on Panama City's sizzling shores
48 Centerfold: Like a Magnet to Steel
Incredible Kurtis Hogan can detain us anytime!
58 Gallerie Erotique: The Camera's Eye
Let Phil Benedict lead you into ecstasy
92 Dream Lovers: Shutter Hug
The fun heats up when a camera catches the action
1 To Our Readers: Climb between our sheets
5 Letters: Was good for you?
6 In The Zone
More than just David Duchovny's biceps are bulging; Robert DeNiro's model sex fans; for a limited time only—Bruce Willis on sale!
8 Stripped & Famous:
The Baldwin brothers prove that their best sides are their beautiful backsides
18 Planet Playgirl
The Hot List; Lap of Luxury; Reading Men's Minds; On the Street; PG2000; PLAYGIRL Prenuptial Agreement
66 Real Men
Does your man have what it takes? Jeff Phillips, Forest Lane, Marc Humenchuck, R.C. Dini, Will Clay, Scott Diehl, Michael Mezsanos, Lester Luna, Indego Scott, Dan Egnew, and David Oatman
70 Real Man of the Month
Meet our super-sexy hometown hunk for September
80 Sex Talk
Intimate issues and answers By Joy Davidson, Ph.D
84 Readers' Fantasy Forum
Romance, love and lust can happen in the most unexpected places
101 Lovesigns
Let your planets plot your passions by J. C. Thompson
104 Coming Up

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