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Score Magazine Back Issue - November 1992

Printer Friendly Version of Score Magazine Cover Image and Contents
Magazine Score November 1992

Front Cover
Score November 1992 magazine back issue Score magizine back copy score magazine back issues hot and horny nude women explicit sex pics wendy whoppers huge tits eroti
Score November 1992 Magazine
UPC: 07189647335311 | ISSN: 1073-2438
Volume 1 Issue # 3 Number 3


24 Highland Fling
Heather Finlay had enormous boobs, a sexy Scottish accent and a devilish look in her eye.
Erotic Fiction by Frank Sandwell
44 Amazon Allure
The sexual allure associated with mythology's Amazon warriors has manifested itself in today's attraction for the oversized female.
Article by Donna Powell
62 How To Photograph Nude Models, Part 3
In this final installment, the author takes us on an actual nude shoot and discusses where to get those special pictures processed confidentially.
Article by Evan Andrews
29 Sasha
35 Lisa Gazombas
47 Wendy Whoppers
57 Lacey & Deena
75 Persia
84 Ann Marie
89 Candy Cantaloupes
7 ScoreCard
Reader's letters and comments
13 ScoreVideo
Our video pick of the month
17 Mammalogy
An intelligent discussion of the well-endowed female by Orion Jeweb
19 Fantasy Score
Artwork by Duncan
20 Night Moves
Strip clubs reviewed by L.A. Bust
24 Homebodies
Amateur photo section

Welcome to our third issue. As part of our ongoing effort to improve SCORE and achieve our goal of being the best magazine on the market, we've switched printers beginning with this issue and think you'll notice a marked improvement. As for pictorials: this month's covergirl Wendy Whoppers, who is fast gaining fame on both strip and talk show circuits, is featured in a steamy layout beginning on page 47. And, true to our promise to give you the best new models before anyone else, Lisa Gazombas and Candy Cantaloupes make their modeling debuts this month. Enjoy the issue.
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