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U.S. Dollar 1794
U.S. Dollar Coin 1794
U.S. Dollar 1795
U.S. Dollar Coin 1795
U.S. Dollar 1796
U.S. Dollar Coin 1796
U.S. Dollar 1797
U.S. Dollar Coin 1797
U.S. Dollar 1798
U.S. Dollar Coin 1798
U.S. Dollar 1799
U.S. Dollar Coin 1799
US dollar featuring our Presidents called Presidential Dollars
Dollar coins have been minted in the United States in gold, silver, and base metal versions. The term silver dollar is often used for any large white metal coin issued by the United States with a face value of one dollar, although purists insist that a dollar is not silver unless it contains some of that metal. Silver dollars, the first dollar coin issue, were minted beginning in 1794. Gold dollars and gold-colored dollars have also been produced by the United States. The Sacagawea and Presidential dollars are often referred to as "golden dollars".

In modern times, dollar coins have not been very popular in the United States. Despite efforts by the government to promote their use, most Americans currently use the one dollar bill rather than dollar coins.

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