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Biography of Sana Fey (a.k.a.: Sana Fay)

Sana Fey Famous CelebritySana Fey (born June 12, 1973) is an American porn star, stripper, and big-bust adult model.

She is said to have retired from the adult-film industry in the spring of 2002. She was born in California and took up ballet dancing at the age of three. When she was eight, her family moved to Colorado. She continued ballet dancing there and began dancing with the Colorado State Ballet. She eventually moved back to California.

Sana Fey attended a Catholic school and worked as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer after graduating from high school.

Sana Fey's exotic dancing career began when she found herself strapped for cash and decided to apply as a dancer in a topless bar. Some time later, while partying with friends in front of the very same bar, a local producer approached her and referred her to an agent in Los Angeles. She would eventually be introduced to the adult-film industry by Mike South.

Sana Fey became romantically involved with adult-film actor/writer/director David Christopher (a.k.a. Pussyman) in early 1999. They were due to marry by June 17 but separated in late 2000.

Full name: Sana Fey
Born: June 12, 1973
Birthplace: Huntington Beach, California, USA

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Sana Fey Magazine Cover Appearances

Score April 1998
Sana Fey magazine cover appearance Score April 1998
Juggs August 1997
Sana Fay magazine cover appearance Juggs August 1997
Leg Sex February 1998
Sana Fey magazine cover appearance Leg Sex February 1998
Swank Temptations April 1998 - Gem
Sana Fay magazine cover appearance Swank Temptations April 1998 - Gem
Magazine Empire   Empire Magazine

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All of Sana Fey Other Magazine Appearances

Fox October 1998
Sana Fey Fox October 1998 magazine pictorial
Score May 2006
Sana Fey Score May 2006 magazine pictorial
Score May 1997
Sana Fey Score May 1997 magazine pictorial
Score November 1996
Sana Fey Score November 1996 magazine pictorial
Gent December 1998
Sana Fey Gent December 1998 magazine pictorial
Score November 1998
Sana Fey Score November 1998 magazine pictorial
Score February 2003
Sana Fey Score February 2003 magazine pictorial
Juggs January 1997
Sana Fey Juggs January 1997 magazine pictorial
Oui April 2005
Sana Fey Oui April 2005 magazine pictorial
Gent January 1997
Sana Fey Gent January 1997 magazine pictorial
D-Cup June 1998
Sana Fey D-Cup June 1998 magazine pictorial
Erotic X-Film Guide June 1999
Sana Fey Erotic X-Film Guide June 1999 magazine pictorial
Gent September 1999
Sana Fey Gent September 1999 magazine pictorial
Gent May 2000
Sana Fey Gent May 2000 magazine pictorial
Swank Spice May 1999 - Stacked
Sana Fey Swank Spice May 1999 - Stacked magazine pictorial
D-Cup July 1997
Sana Fey D-Cup July 1997 magazine pictorial
Best of Busty Beauties # 12
Sana Fey Best of Busty Beauties # 12 magazine pictorial
D-Cup January 1997
Sana Fey D-Cup January 1997 magazine pictorial
D-Cup March 1997
Sana Fey D-Cup March 1997 magazine pictorial
D-Cup April 1997
Sana Fey D-Cup April 1997 magazine pictorial
Bust Out Vol. 12 # 1, 1998
Sana Fey Bust Out Vol. 12 # 1, 1998 magazine pictorial
Video World May 1999
Sana Fey Video World May 1999 magazine pictorial
Swank Satin May 1999 - Bra Busters
Sana Fey Swank Satin May 1999 - Bra Busters magazine pictorial
D-Cup # 22 - July 1999
Sana Fey D-Cup # 22 - July 1999 magazine pictorial
Score September 1998
Sana Fey Score September 1998 magazine pictorial
Magazine Empire   Empire Magazine

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